Can I really earn with no out of pocket expenses?

Yes, you can. You can start earning from Day 1 with $0. It will take a little longer than someone who has a small budget to work with, but it can be done.

How does the program work?

The program works by doing things together as a team. Working as a team we can all achieve success by brainstorming ideas and sharing experiences.Finding new ways to do things and discussing what does and doesn't work saves a lot of time and effort for everyone.

What is the Team Concept?

Our Team Concept is to help others succeed. United we grow, divided we struggle. Whether a person is in your upline or downline doesn't matter. Here at ECE we pride ourselves in working together no matter who the sponsor is we all help each other. It is the best way for all to succeed. With the Global Profit Team we all grow, learn, and succeed together.

How long before I start earning?

You can earn on Day 1. Results vary from person to person, but you can start earning immediately with no out of pocket expenses, or with a little seed money to get started. It is your choice. Just do not use money that is supposed to pay your bills. Pay the bills first. We do not want anyone doing without necessities while building their business.

How much does the program cost?

The program does not cost you anything. It is free to join. All the information in ECE is free. You will never pay anything for what is on this site. Some of the programs contained on ECE may have one-time fees or monthly subscriptions, however, we try to find the quality programs with reasonable costs.

How often do you change programs listed in ECE?

We try not to change programs at all. We work hard to maintain quality programs that are reliable and cost effective. When programs change it will be because the program no longer benefits the members of ECE, or due to industry changes the programs are no longer online. We will not be chasing shiny objects and changing programs every time something new comes along. If we are testing a site it will be listed in the Testing tab on the navigation bar.

What does it mean if a site is in testing?

If a site is listed in testing that means that it is a site that might be beneficial to ECE for advertising or earning or both. However, it has not been proven to be reliable yet. Join these at your own risk, and know that until they are proven they will remain in the testing section.

How can I contact support?

Support can be reached by filing out a support ticket, on our Skype group "Global Profit Team ECE Member Support", or on our Facebook group "ECE Network Support".

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